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    December 15 - 20, 2021

    Grades 3 - 10

    English | Maths | Science | Social Science | Hindi

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About Ei Supertest

Skill Based Measurement Of Conceptual Understanding

Ei Supertest is a skill-based test that measures students' conceptual understanding with actionable insights through easy-to-understand reports.

Get ready for December 2021

Test will be on December 15 - 20, 2021

Results will be announced on Jan 15, 2022.

Rewards worth up to INR 25,00,000* up for grabs!

Become A Big Tech Intern!

Top performers get the chance to experience a paid internship for 1 week with some of the top names in Tech! 

Learn first-hand, what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur!

Cash Prizes and Certificates!

  • INR 50,000 worth scholarships for National Level toppers (class-wise).
  • Top performers also receive various cash prizes and certificates of recognition. Now those are some bragging rights!

Join the Gifted Education Network!

Get access to world-class gifted programs from Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development, Purdue University - Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute (GER2I), University of California, Berkeley - Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) and GenWise, who recognize ATS scores in their program application process.

Get National Recognition!

You and Your School get recognized at a national level on major News and Media platforms, online and offline. 

Free Ei Mindspark Subscription

Top performers will get free access to our AI powered self-paced learning platform with a proven track-record of enhancing learning outcomes

All Participants Get

  • E-certificates of participation
  • Detailed online report of their performance
  • ​Actionable insights with easy-to-understand online reports
  • ​Benchmark data on their performance at a national and international level

Accelerate Your Child's Gifted Journey

Ei Supertest is just the beginning. There's a world of possibilities awaiting young prodigies. Top performers will get a chance to join residential programmes at the Northwestern University campus. 

Brush Up Your Skills To Ace The Challenge!


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Download Sample Papers

Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 3


Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 4


Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 5


Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 6


Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 7


Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 8


Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 9


Sample Papers for Maths and Science for Grade 10


Steps To Take Ei Supertest

  1. Once the registration is successful, participants of the Prelims round will receive important information required to appear for the test such as the unique ID and test link.
  2. Time slot for the test will be shared 2 days in advance.
  3. Login to the link that will be provided to you via email
  4. Click on ‘Start the test’.
  5. Answer the questions and end the test. Keep a close watch on the time left for the test.
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    Here's Why We Do What We Do

    Performance without Pressure

    "Such a unique platform to help beat the exam blues! It builds confidence and allows children to test their knowledge among like-minded peers. It was great to see how my child took up all 3 tests without feeling the pressure. He enjoyed it and adopted to the new form of proctoring administered online, at such a young age!"

    Shlok Bannerjee | Euro School, Airoli

    Ei ASSET Talent Search Topper 2020

    An Amazing Platform

    "The Ei Talent Search exam is a great platform to get to learn my strengths and areas of improvement. Allowing me to compare with my peers helps me understand where I need to work on to further improve myself. Logic and thinking get raised to the next level as we approach problems in a unique way. These exams help me think outside the box."

    Ryan M Fernandez | Vibgyor High, Horamavu

    Ei ASSET Talent Search Topper 2021

    Empowering Potential

    "This exam has empowered my child to go beyond his age group in learning and has brought out a lot of hidden potential within him!"

    Krishangh Arjun | Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Sr Secondary School, Chennai

    Ei ASSET Talent Search Topper 2020


    Tell me more about Ei

    Ei (Educational Initiatives) - Enhancing Learning Outcomes

    We are an ed-tech company that leverages cutting-edge research and technology-based solutions to revolutionise how children learn in the K-12 education space. Our vision is to create a world in which children everywhere learn with understanding. Our goal is to reach a multitude of children across different strata of society, and enhance their learning outcomes through scientific means. 

    We achieve this goal by building on our two decade old history and treasure trove of over 5 Billion data points to design products that focus on diagnostic assessment and personalised learning. We deliver content in the form of questions, activities, games and videos to assess a student's learning levels and provide explanations, feedback and learning inputs for all stakeholders. 

    Whom is it for?

    Classes 3 - 10

    The test is for students studying in classes 3 - 10 across all boards. Subjects covered are English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Hindi 
    How can Ei Supertest help?

    What's in it for my child

    Measurable Learning Outcomes are critical to your child’s overall development. Today as a parent, you are bound to feel uncertain if your child has actually learnt anything as opposed to just memorized facts. Ei Supertest is designed to help parents answer that question through:
    • Instant reports after the test, with analysis measuring your child’s conceptual understanding
    • Benchmarking your child with more than 500,000 other students taking the test from across the globe
    • Effective remedial plans to understand and capture learning gaps and dispel common misconceptions
    • Ei Supertest is certified and recognised by Harvard, IIT and IIM alumni
    What grades(class) and boards does it cover?

    Curriculum agnostic

    Ei Supertest is for children studying in classes 3 to 10 and is curriculum agnostic. CBSE, ICSE, State Boards and International Boards are covered

    How do I register my child?

    Look for the [Register Now] buttons

    • Register with the links and buttons above
    • Submit your details
    • Pay the registration fees
    • You will then receive the test link via email (Time and date details)
    • Complete the test by the stipulated date and time (Time and date details)
    What are the payment methods available?

    A wide range of methods is available

    Various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, debit cards + ATM pin, Internet banking, wallets/cash cards are available. Our payment gateway partner is Billdesk
    What information do I provide?

    Parent, Student and School information

    In the registration form, you will be asked to provide the following information:

    Information regarding the student:
    Full name
    Date of birth
    School name

    Information regarding the parent:
    Email ID
    Mobile number
    How do I take the test?

    This is an online test - country-wide availability

    You will receive a link in December 2021
    Login with your unique ID
    Click on 'Start the test'
    Answer the questions and end the test. Keep a close watch on the time left for the test
    Is there a time limit for the test?

    60 Minutes

    The test will be for the duration of 01:00 Hour.

    Is the Ei Supertest fairly conducted and judged?

    We assure you, it is!

    • Participants in the test will be remotely proctored to maintain the overall integrity of the contest environment.
    • Each student will have an entirely different set of Question Papers to solve 
    • The questions cannot be copied onto Google to search for answers 
    Is there a monetary component to the prizes?


    • National Level Subject Toppers for classes 3 - 6: INR 50,000 + 1 Year Ei Mindspark subscription
    • National Level Subject Toppers for classes 7 - 10: INR 50,000 + Mentorship with Big Tech leaders + 1 Year Ei Mindspark subscription
    • National Level Top 100 for classes 3 - 10: 6 months Free Ei Mindspark subscription

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